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Why do most security cameras have low resolution?


People also ask why security cameras have low resolution in an age of 4k TVs and movies. This is due to a variety of factors but the function of the equipment is important to remember. The aim of filming for television or a film is to capture the footage as accurately as possible in order to immerse the viewer in the story. It is to monitor in CCTV all day, every day to deter criminals and catch any unwanted incidents that may happen.

Outdated Hardware

Outdated equipment is the primary reason why CCTV cameras get a reputation for having bad video. Older 1MP cameras actually do not have the resolution to provide the modern users demand for quality video. Modern 2, 4 and 8MP cameras, however, offer improved image quality, as the resolution increases, and capacity increases.




CCTV cameras often record 24/7, and store footage for 7-10 days, requiring massive storage space. This only multiplies as you add more cameras to the network, capturing more detail. The higher the quality of the recorded footage, the greater will be the storage space needed. That said, there are many modern solutions for those who wish to record high quality footage; external hard drive and improved DVRs are available to upgrade your recording capabilities.


Improper lighting often contributes to a poor quality of the image, because cameras need light to capture proper images. The amount of light depends on you sensor, and improved IR capabilities will support it. Installing floodlights or other types of LED lighting for illumination the area being documented is the best way to ensure proper lighting. An outdoor IR illuminator is also an option for users wishing to expand the range of their IR camera. These illuminate the area with IR light, which is invisible to the human eye but will allow the view of your IR camera. This avoids the risk of too much visible light washing out your picture but it does allow IR cameras to work.



Because of cabling issues you can also encounter poor picture quality. The cables and wiring that you use run all data recorded by your cameras onto the storage and replay site. If corners have been cut during installation and cheap wiring has been used, or wires have been weakened over time, your footage quality can suffer. You may also run a too long extension cable, this will slow down your data transmission and reduce your image quality.


Poor or spotty internet access can also cause quality loss of video, which can be either continuous or intermittent. IP cameras running over WiFi are especially vulnerable to this issue as your speed and communication decreases drastically when you lose the bandwidth adding devices. So these are the reasons why security cameras record such low quality.

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