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How do I download music onto a MP3 player without a computer?


A lot of users want to listen to their favorite songs on the MP3 player. Such inexpensive apps are quite user-friendly, and without any additional software, you can even load them with songs. Let’s look at the loading process for songs into the player.

The process: download music onto a MP3 player without a computer

The MP3 player comes with an adapter that lets you connect the device to your computer through any USB port available. The device can sense its presence and load driver software after you have plugged it into your system.

Your file manager will now agree that the system has been enabled. Browse the files on your computer to check that it has identified an external storage device with that name. Double-click it once you find it, to show its contents. Inside, there’s a folder named “tracks.”


You can simply move them across the screen from the correct folder on your computer to the music folder within your MP3 player’s storage drive to copy your MP3 files onto the unit. Dragging the entire array of files beginning at the album or artist stage is advisable to do so to save time. If you don’t want to copy all of the songs in the tree onto the computer, you might need to copy them individually.

Many devices will have their own little programs to do this while others will simply open a folder that will allow you to drag and drop MP3s. Only make sure if you want to be able to play them, they go in the right folder.

Synchronization with Applications

Some media player applications allow you to rip and burn compact disks, and synchronize your MP3 downloads with these device types. For example this feature is provided by Windows Media Player and RealPlayer. If the process of direct copying seems too complicated for you, synchronizing software to save music onto a MP3 player without a computer.


Two other options are also available: the bluetooth capability and direct download. Whether your system has enabled bluetooth technology you can fairly easily move songs from your phone, or even from other devices. And, for a fee, you can download directly from your service provider’s web pages, usually related ones. In any case it is dependent on the system and your service provider how you do so.

You ‘re able to enjoy your music anytime now and all you need to do is go to the music tab on your settings screen and turn it on. Check the artists, title or even album for the songs and they should play right from your phone

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