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What you know about Flip phones vs smartphones


Firstly, flip phones were built to provide consumers with a lightweight, elegant phone that fits into a small space and could still be opened to mimic the traditional feel of a landline device. A flip mobile phone is still a common design that appeals to many cell users, although many cellular providers are moving towards slide phones. Let’s discuss about flip phones vs smartphones.

The Benefits of Flip Mobile Phone

Every type of cell phones has its advantages and its disadvantages. In the case of a flip phone, there are a number of avenues where the benefits come across. AT&T launched a famous flip design called the Razor several years ago. With it came a new set of characteristics which would set the tone for those to follow. Many modern projects now use mimicking features too. The flip model can have a large display screen on its outer case side allowing you to have a personalized screen saver, a large digital clock and a few touch pad buttons to access a variety of media options most of the time.


The external panel’s side buttons will control the volume of the handset, and often the queues of the internet browsers. Such features enable users to access several apps without ever having to open the phone. That leads to the other big advantage of a phone in flip form. They secure the internal button pads when not in use. That means your buttons do not get damaged even if you drop the screen. For fact, and in most situations, people who keep their phone in their pocket will not wear the decals button down slowly from the pressure of rubbing in their pockets.

Key Android Smartphone benefits


You can set up your phone the way you wish. By comparison, iOS does not require that much versatility.


Software operating Android

The manufacture of an Android based smartphone is enabled to any business. Therefore, you have a lot of flexibility with respect to the apps. Relatively expensive iPhones. You can however choose from a range of devices running Android.

Innovation in Hardware and Software

Since Android is open source, a lot of businesses are making useful inventions. In reality, there are hundreds of companies and individuals who are taking advantage of Android’s open nature. You will encounter lots of features as a result. Many of them were also spotted on Android before they even appeared on Apple smartphones like WebP photos, WiFi Direct etc. So remember this info on flip phones versus smartphones while buying one.

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